is this you?

you’re completely new to handstands, unsure about how or where to start

or you have been going to classes for a while but you’re hitting a handstand plateau and still not seeing results

you’re looking for a well-rounded practice that will work on both strength and flexibility at the comfort of your own home

you have a busy schedule and you’re short on time but big on goals

you want to be able to float effortlessly into your handstand anytime, anywhere

I've been there..and that's why I created the Handstand Takeoff program 🚀

it's a proven step-by-step method that builds the strength and flexibility you need to hit the handstand goal you’ve been dreaming about, with only 20-30 mins a day.

the reason why I created this program is because I was feeling stuck for the longest time in my handstand practice, going for random classes and trying to figure out handstands during my own self-practice, without a structure or plan.

I started seeking out teachers who could help me improve my goals and created a plan for my home practice (because who has time to go to a studio 5 days a week 🫠) - and guess what? in just a month I managed to unlock skills that blew my own mind because I was training specific drills that translates into handstand skills.

hi there! I'm Jyan 🙂

a former competitive dancer, yoga teacher & movement enthusiast. over the last 11 years of teaching and 4.5 years of running my own yoga studio, I've witnessed thousands of amazing people (just like you!) totally crush their self-doubt and achieve things they never thought possible - and that's the magic I live for.

my mission is to help you reconnect with your inner badass and discover the incredible things your body and mind can do.

combining my knowledge in yoga, calisthenics and acrobatics, I created a safe, step-by-step approach you can follow at home and simply do it at your own pace. 🙂

if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the information overload online, I’m here to help you cut through the digital fog and create a clear path to achieving your handstand goals.

the Handstand Takeoff program is a proven step-by-step method to:

  • building strength & flexibility
  • bail out of handstands safely
  • prevent injuries
  • effortlessly kick up into your handstand

every single time....even if you’re a total beginner.

believe it or not - I used to think that I was too skinny and weak to do a handstand. but after years of practicing and teaching, it's proven that ANYONE can achieve handstands regardless of your age, size, or experience level.

we'll follow these 6 stages in the program to master your handstand

and you'll get these AMAZING bonuses...

partner workout: double the fun

turn your practice into play and injects some serious fun with this partner workout session! you laugh, you challenge each other, and you celebrate each other's wins. this isn't just about handstands; it's about building trust and camaraderie.

the art of spotting

you'll learn spotting techniques that will empower your friends and support them safely. we'll cover everything from proper body positioning to anticipating wobbles, ensuring you're prepared for any situation.

myofascial release for recovery

feeling tight and tense after handstand practice? you'll learn some self-massage techniques targeting your neck, shoulders, and back to release built-up tension with tennis or therapy balls.

bulletproof handstands: guide to injury prevention

building bulletproof handstands starts with injury prevention. this guide will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to avoid common pitfalls, keeping you safe and on track to achieve your handstand goals.

tips for 99% success kick-up rate
how to stop struggling and kick-up like a pro - learn how to identify the common mistakes that are holding you back and develop the awareness to self-correct mid-kick-up, landing you safely and confidently in a handstand.

that’s all great..


how is Handstand Takeoff different from the other programs out there?

★ takes out the guesswork - it tells you exactly what you need to do

I’ll make your life insanely easy: a weekly-customized practice plan according to your needs to create a strong practice habit that will help you reach your handstand goal - if you are willing to put in the work.

★ it keeps you accountable

join our community of like-minded individuals - you’ll get access to the community group to clarify any doubts you have, and a supportive community to celebrate your wins every step of the you’re not alone!


while the current price is a great value, it won't last forever. take advantage of this special offer and secure your lifetime access today! 💫


1 - you sign up with a one-time payment

2 - you'll receive an email from me immediately after with the program

3 - you can start practicing (in less than 5 minutes)

and there you go, you have a LIFETIME access to the program 🙂

questions? I got you.

Q: is this program suitable for beginners?

A: yes 100%! you'll start building the strength and flexibility you need with the foundational videos - it may be challenging for complete beginners but totally doable. I also provide options and modifications as well.

Q: can I buy the program and start it later?

A: yes definitely - this is a self-paced progression-based program and I suggest you move along the different stages and not rush into it.

Q: how is the program delivered? does it work on all devices?

A: you'll get access to the program on my online studio, which you get (almost) immediate access to after you sign up for the program. it works on all devices, you can also stream it on your TV with a HDMI cable.

Q: how can I get in touch if I require assistance?

A: for technical assistance, you may email me at [email protected] and my team will be happy to help! for any questions regarding handstands, you may post them in the community page and I'll do my best to clear your doubts.

Q: do you offer refunds?

A: once purchase is made there will be no refunds, so do make sure you're 100% committed before joining in the program.

last chance to join in before prices increase...